Croeso/ Welcome

Dave & Ann offer a warm Welsh welcome  to Blaencwm Cottages .

Ann –  I’m a local girl born and raised on my parents farm. I went to catering school and then left the area to get work experience. I have worked in various eating places including hotels, pub carveries, hospitals and schools.

Dave – Born and raised near Swansea. I’ve worked in Business and Finance but have always enjoyed working on my in laws farm. This lovely rural area has always helped me relax and unwind from the stresses of city life.

We always wanted to come back home and start our own business and an opportunity arose when we bought Blaencwm in September (2015). Blaencwm is a small holding of 4 acres surrounded by hills and fields

We aim to promote local produce – meat, vegetables, eggs and cider. Blaencwm is work in progress but we have turned the soil in the polytunnel and added the fertiliser, so next year we should have our own vegetables and fruit. The hen house now has 7 chickens ( 6 New Hampshire Reds) and 1 Black Rock (the ninjas of the hen world).

The cider is fermenting – some batches are now ready and have been bottled..

There are now 4 ducks on the pond, 2 Khaki Campbells and 2 Aylesbury and they have settled in well and all are laying. So now you can add free range eggs to your breakfast. We’ve also got some sheep “on tack” to help graze the land.

We have just “recruited” two new staff to help manage the land.  One “Welsh” pig ( about 9 weeks old)and one “Saddleback “pig( about 11 weeks old. Both are enjoying their new lodgings.

The area has an abundance of scenery and wildlife and our woodpecker on the tree in our pond is certainly making himself heard.

So if you want a relaxing and reviving break away from the normal manic everyday then come and visit us .